Tibumana Waterfall, Bali - the Quiet Wonder


An easy walk down along a cement path and across a bridge gets you to Tibumana waterfall. It's smaller than the other waterfalls in the region but has a more peaceful, secluded vibe; You won't find any tourist shops or swings with people queuing to take photos. The stunning turquoise water is cool but not too cold and you can safely swim directly under the falls.

How to get to Tibumana Waterfall

Tibumana is 1 hour 10 minutes from Canggu, and 35 minutes from Ubud. If you want to hit multiple waterfalls in a day, Tibumana is about 30 minutes from Tukad Cepung and Tegenungan waterfalls.

Cost of Tibumana Waterfall

Entry fee: 10k

Parking fee: free

When to go to Tibumana Waterfall

We visited Tibumana Waterfall in the afternoon, around 2pm. Even in the middle of the day, it wasn’t crowded at all compared to other waterfalls we've seen. There were between 5-10 other people there the whole time we were there: enough to sometimes interfere with your photos but not enough to ruin the experience. If you want the place entirely to yourself, go before 9am, although you might be a bit chilly when swimming this early in the morning.

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