The Best Bali Waterfalls + Three to Skip


Bali has an endless number of waterfalls to explore, to the point where it can be somewhat overwhelming to pick which ones to visit. We've tried to see as many as possible in our time here and we compiled a list of our favorites so far along with three that we wouldn't visit again. If you need help planning a waterfall tour of Bali, read on!

1. Sekumpul


Price: 30k entry, parking by donation

This is hands down the most impressive waterfall in Bali but is less visited due to its far north location. Sekumpul is actually a double waterfall and has a height of about 80 meters! In the same canyon there are several other impressive waterfalls including Fiji waterfall, a triple waterfall. Beware of the parking people here who are known to scam tourists.

2. Aling Aling


Price: 125k to cliff jump and slide, 20k for basic entry.

For those looking to get their adrenaline going, Aling Aling is the waterfall to visit. There are four waterfalls in this area and you can jump off 5, 10 and 15 meter waterfall jumps, slide down a 12 meter waterfall and finally see the beautiful 35 meter Aling Aling waterfall. See our full guide to this experience here!

3. Nungnung


Price: 20k entry

You'll have to descend about 500 steep concrete steps to see this waterfall but it's so worth it. The powerful, 50 meter high waterfall is located 900 meters above sea level, making it one of the tallest and highest on this list. It seems to be less popular with the tourists so you may even have a few peaceful moments here all to yourself.

4. Tegenungan


Price: 15k IDR entry + 10k to get to the top

This is probably the most crowded waterfall in all of Bali but the location 20 minutes from Ubud makes it the easiest to get to. Inside you will find tourist shops, restaurants, Bali swings and of course many tourists. Go early (before 8am) for the best experience. Read our full guide here.

5. Tibumana


Price: 10k IDR entry

At only about 5 meters, Tibumana waterfall is the baby of this list. While located only 30 minutes from Ubud, it is truly a hidden oasis as you'll find very few tourists here. The water is a vibrant shade of turquoise and calm enough to peacefully float underneath the waterfall. Read our full guide here!

6. Banyumala


Price: 20k IDR entry

These twin waterfalls are surrounded by lush vegetation with multiple paths and bamboo bridges to explore. There is an enormous natural pool underneath the falls making it perfect for swimming. We even had this waterfall almost entirely to ourselves for the full three hours that we were here!

7. Tukad Cepung


Price: 15k IDR per person

This is the most magical and unique waterfall I've ever seen. The waterfall is located inside a cave with an opening at the top that lets in mesmerizing light rays. The waterfall is located less than an hour from Ubud but has miraculously remained a fairly hidden gem.

The Bali Waterfalls We Would Skip

1. Kanto Lampo


Price: 10k IDR per person

We would give these a pass unless you get here extremely early or you desperately need an Instagram pic. You have to wade waist deep through water to get to these falls. There is one stone in front of the falls and an insanely long line of people standing in the water waiting to take a photo on this one rock. Not the best waterfall to go to if you want to relax and enjoy the nature. The guides here are hilarious though and will direct you step by step on how to pose for your insta shots.

2. Goa Rang Reng


Price: 15k IDR entry, 150k to see other nearby waterfalls with a guide

Goa Rang Reng itself is not the most impressive of waterfalls; it looks more like downward sloping creek than a waterfall. There is another, larger waterfall with a swing close by but you aren't allowed to visit it without a guide (around $10 USD).

3. Gitgit


Price: 20k Entry

The path down to this waterfall is lined with tourist shops with very pushy vendors, we even had children following us asking us to buy items from them. This was a huge turn off for us even though the falls themselves are quite beautiful. If you are already visiting the other more impressive and less touristic waterfalls up north, by all means stop by here but we don't feel that it would be worth the 2+ hour drive to visit these alone.

Which waterfalls are your favorite in Bali? Let us know in the comments below!