Guide to Sugba Lagoon in Siargao - Everything You Need to Know to Plan Your Visit


Sugba Lagoon is a small lagoon that’s located on Caob Island off the northwest side of Siargao in the Philippines. It’s an awesome day trip from Siargao proper and was one of our favorite days in the country! You can spend all day swimming, jumping, and paddling around the lagoon and surrounding area.

There’s a 2-story boat house where you can chill in the shade and have lunch, a small diving board, and facilities where you can rent a raft, kayak, stand up paddleboard or small boat. The water is an unbelievable shade of blue-green and the surrounding hills make it paradise for drone photography! Be sure to explore the aptly-named “Blue Lagoon” around the corner.

Read on for all the details on directions, costs, and the best way to plan your trip.


When to visit Sugba Lagoon

The best time to visit Siargao is between March and October, the dry season. We visited for 10 days in January 2019 and while it rained nearly every day, the rain generally came in short bursts (with the exception of a few days). Bring a light rain jacket regardless of what time you come - it comes in handy when you’re island hopping and getting sprayed by the waves on the boat!

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Diving from the rafts at Blue Lagoon

Diving from the rafts at Blue Lagoon


How to get to Sugba Lagoon

There are 2 main ways to get to Sugba Lagoon - via a tour leaving from General Luna, the main town on Siargao, or by heading to Del Carmen yourself and hiring a boat. The boat ride is a quick 30 minutes through the mangroves.

We joined a tour with Kermit Siargao which left around 7:30am and included transport to and from Del Carmen, drinks all day (including alcohol!), lunch, and all entrance and boat fees. It also stopped at the nearby Kawhagan Island which has a pristine pointy sandbar.

If you want to plan a DIY trip, you can rent a scooter or hire a driver in General Luna to take you to the boat dock in Del Carmen (about an hour each way, see the pin below for the exact location). There’s an office where you’ll need to pay an environmental fee, entrance fee, and boat fee and they’ll match you with a boat captain. You can also buy a simple lunch from one of the local restaurants near the dock to bring with you, or otherwise buy lunch at the lagoon.

Be aware that the lagoon can get crowded and the staff may stop allowing boats to leave, so arrive early if you can! They can tell you the best order to make your stops throughout the day to avoid the crowds.

Kawhagan Island from above

Kawhagan Island from above


Cost of Sugba Lagoon

The cost of our tour with Kermit was 2000 PHP per person. This included transport to and from General Luna, the boat to Sugba Lagoon, and lunch. You can find cheaper tours (around P1500) if you ask around in General Luna but the Kermit tour was well run and included drinks. Renting a kayak or paddle board costs P2-300 for an hour.

If you want to plan a DIY trip, the costs to book a private boat are listed below. If you have a larger group, this can be significantly cheaper than the group tour option! It also leaves you the flexibility to arrive and leave whenever you want. Note that the costs below don’t include lunch but it’s possible to bring your own or buy a simple lunch for around P200/person at the boat dock or the lagoon itself. You’ll also need to pay P50 if you want to use a picnic table, but there’s plenty of space to leave your bags even without one.


Have you visited Sugba Lagoon? We’d love to hear your experience or any tips you have in the comments below!

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