Hiking Bukit Pergasingan - the Best Sunrise View in Lombok


In a little-traveled corner of Lombok, the village of Sembalun sits in the shadow of Mount Rinjani. Besides being one of the two main gateway towns for the Rinjani trek, Sembalun is amazing in it’s own right because of the patchwork rice fields that fill the whole valley! Bukit Pergasingan stands opposite Rinjani and is an awesome place to hike and/or camp and watch the sunrise.

When to visit Bukit Pergasingan

The view from the hill is pretty awesome at any time of day, but it’s especially magical for sunrise or sunset. The sunrise comes over the hill, lighting the valley up with soft light. The sun also sets right behind Mt. Rinjani. We did the hike for sunrise and were not disappointed!


How to get to Bukit Pergasingan

We rented a scooter from our homestay in Senaru and set out in the wee hours of the morning to make the 1-hour drive to Sembalun. It gets quite cold at night, and we were freezing our butts off in shorts and t-shirts! The drive is pretty easy with the exception of construction in some parts. Be sure to get gas the night before you go because nothing will be open in the middle of the night!

Google Maps should take you right to the trailhead. Be sure to download offline maps for Lombok before your trip! You’ll pass through an archway labeled “Bukit Pergasingan” into Sembalun village proper, where there are traditional buildings and homestays. We parked across from Paiza GeoHomestay, just around the corner from the trail.


Hiking Bukit Pergasingan

The hike itself takes around 2 hours on the way up, and the trail is steep and dusty most of the way. Be sure to bring good shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, drinking water, and sun protection.

The entrance of the trail was a little bit confusing for us, especially in the dark. There are signs pointing you in the right direction but you have to walk through a small river between some rice fields and it doesn’t really look like the correct trail. You’ll eventually end up at the sketchiest bamboo bridge in the world, and the path up the hill is impossible to miss from there.

We saw photos online of a cement bridge, but we couldn't find the path to it. Depending where you park the start of the trail might be slightly different but you’ll end up in the same place eventually.

After the first hour or so hiking straight uphill, you end up on the ridge and the trail flattens out a bit. You can continue quite a bit further up but there are lots of spots with amazing views where you can stop to take photos or watch the sunrise. It was extremely windy when we were on the ridge, so we couldn’t fly our drone!

Cost of Bukit Pergasingan

When we parked, we were asked to pay 50k IDR per person for parking and entrance and write our information in a book. I’m not sure how official the entrance tickets were, so depending where you park and when you arrive you may not have to pay anything.

What’s the best sunrise spot you’ve ever been to? Let us know in the comments!