Green Bowl Beach, Bali



Green Bowl Beach is located on the Bukit Peninsula less than 30 minutes from Uluwatu and about an hour from Canggu and Seminyak. See it on the map >


Unlike other beaches in the area, both parking and entry are free! There are also some warungs by the parking that serve very affordable food; we had mie goreng and ayam goreng for 15k IDR each ($1.01 USD at the time of writing).


The Beach

The most important thing is to check the tide before visiting! Go at low tide because at high tide there will be no beach, only rocks.

Once you get to the Green Bowl parking area, you will have to descend about 350 steps to get to this beautiful, hidden beach. The way down isn’t bad at all but be warned that you may struggle on the way back up, especially after lounging under the sun for a few hours. The path down is surrounded by trees and there will be monkeys everywhere! They may look cute but be careful around them. Don’t look them in the eye or smile at them as they unfortunately interpret that as sign of aggression. The monkeys will also try to steal any food or water bottles that you have with you so either leave these behind or keep an eye on your bags at all times.


The main stretch of beach has a gorgeous large cave filled with bats and hindu offerings. The best part about this beach is that if you need a break from the heat or direct sunlight you can grab some shade under this cave. At low tide, the beach has pristine golden sand and cool green rocks that emerge from the turquoise waters. For a more secluded spot, you can walk across the rocks to the left of the main cave where you will find two smaller caves. We went on a Sunday afternoon and had the smaller caves all to ourself.

If you can brave the 350 steps, Green Bowl Beach is one of our favorite beaches in Bali that you should definitely check out!


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