Cabina Bali - Floating Breakfast


Cabina, one of the most Instagrammable restaurants in Bali, is a tropical oasis filled with palm trees, cacti and picturesque pink walls. Most importantly, they offer the unique experience of having brunch on a floating tray in their spacious pool! We tried it and here is everything you need to know.


Floating brunch is offered 9am-1pm everyday. It's recommended you reserve ahead of time by emailing


Cabina is located in Kerobokan between Canggu and Seminyak. See it on the map >


They offer three tiers of floating brunch:

  • Regular: 380k for 2 people

  • Tropical: 450k for 2 people (includes a fruit platter)

  • Deluxe: 550k for 2 people (includes fruit and charcuterie platters)



We had the regular floating brunch where each person gets a coffee or tea, fresh juice served in a pineapple, croissant, savory entree and sweet dessert (which is a smaller portion of a sweet breakfast dish). They have vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options and the higher tiers of brunch give you even more options.

We opted for the eggs Benedict and avocado toast as our mains, and the pancakes and smoothie bowl as our "desserts". In our opinion, the regular brunch was a great value and we definitely didn't leave feeling hungry. The only change we would make next time is ordering the chia pudding over the bowl because it's a little bigger and looked tasty!



We arrived 20 minutes before our reservation. As we waited for our food, we roamed around Cabina's beautiful interior, taking lots of photos and lounging by the pool. Even on a Wednesday morning, they were fairly busy so we had to wait an hour before our floating feast was ready.

To our surprise, there were no incidents of wet croissants or knocked over juices. In fact, eating on the floating tray was much more stable than expected. Every item we ate was delicious and the pool was refreshing under the early afternoon sun. Cabina even tossed flower petals into the pool at the end to make things more romantic. This was one of our favorite brunches in Bali and we'll definitely be returning!