Bukit Merese and Tanjung Aan Beach in Lombok, Indonesia - The Best Sunset Spot in Lombok


Visiting Tanjung Aan beach and hiking Bukit Merese were two of our favorite activities in the week we spent in the south of Lombok! Watching the sunset over the coast and playing with the cute local puppies on the pristine white sands of Tanjung Aan make the perfect way to spend a day. As a bonus, the two are right next to each other and are easily accessible from Kuta!

What to expect

Tanjung Aan is a huge beach, about 1km long. There are quite a few warungs where you can buy food or drinks and rent a beach chair or umbrella. Typically, these warungs will give you a beach chair for free if you buy something. There are also many locals selling bracelets and sarongs on the beach. Tanjung Aan is known to be one of the best beaches in all of Lombok, and was definitely one of our favorites! It does get a bit crowded in the middle of the day, but it’s big enough that you can find a secluded spot if you’re willing to walk further from the parking lot.

Bukit Merese is a short but epic hike to a hill that overlooks the Tanjung Aan bay and the next bay to the west. There’s a great view of the ocean and locals and tourists alike often head there for sunset.  It’s possible to buy snacks or beer in the parking lot, but beware of the aggressive monkeys who love stealing from unsuspecting tourists!


How to get to Bukit Merese & Tanjung Aan

Tanjung Aan beach is a quick 20 minute scooter ride from Kuta. We rented scooters at our homestay and cruised over at our leisure. The roads are quite good besides the last 5 minutes which is a smooth dirt road. If you’d rather not scooter, it’s also possible to organize a driver at one of the many tourist information booths in Kuta.

The parking lot for Bukit Merese is right around the corner. You can walk over and avoid having to pay for parking again.

Where to Stay in South Lombok

Chemel Homestay: we stayed here in Kuta for 6 nights. On a side street off the main road in Kuta, it’s a breeze to get to the restaurants and shops in the area. Our room was $8 per night, including breakfast, and we rented a scooter for 50k IDR ($3.50) per day.

Rawa Lombok: trendy rooms and a beautiful rooftop pool just steps from the beach.

Harmony Villas: private bungalows and floating breakfast. Can you imagine a more perfect place to stay?


When to visit Bukit Merese & Tanjung Aan

Bukit Merese is a pretty awesome view both during the day and at sunset! If you’re only going to visit once, we’d recommend heading to Tanjung Aan in the afternoon and making the trek to Bukit Merese an hour or so before sunset.

The hike up to the edge of the hill is not long (less than 5 minutes) but there’s a lot of coastline to explore. It can get crowded so it’s nice to get a little further from the entrance! The furthest point you can hike to takes about 20 minutes from the parking lot.

Cost of Bukit Merese & Tanjung Aan

Parking at each location is 10k IDR for scooters, and there’s no entrance fee. Food starts around 30k IDR for fried rice/fried noodles and a cold coconut or beer will be 15-30k.