Banah Cliff Point, Nusa Penida


Banah Cliff Point is another one of those Nusa Penida viewpoints that will leave you astonished by the natural beauty in this world. Here you'll see the deepest blue waters crash onto insanely steep coastal cliffs. If you find the right spot, you'll see the famous rock that looks like half of a donut floating in the water.

Where is Banah Cliff Point

This viewpoint is on the west coast of Nusa Penida, 5 minutes from Tembeling Beach & Forest and 45 minutes from Peguyangan Waterfall. The last ten minutes of the drive here are on a rocky dirt road but should be manageable if you take it slow. You will first see a sign that says "Thanks God its Banah Sunset Point". To the right is a panoramic viewpoint, and to the left is the famous arched rock. To get to the rock, turn right at the very end of the road, follow a narrow trail through the bushes, and then descend about 100 steep steps. The view is well worth the short trek!

Cost of Banah Cliff Point

There's no entry or parking fee. Enjoy the cheap price of appreciating nature!

When to go to Banah Cliff Point

This spot is not yet as popular with tourists so you don't have to go insanely early to enjoy this place. We were there between 10am and 11am and there were only two other people there. With these cliffs being on the west coast, sunset here would undoubtedly be unbelievable.