Aling Aling Waterfall - the Best Bali Waterfall for Thrill Seekers


There are many stunning waterfalls in and around Bali, but Aling Aling takes the cake for being the most thrilling and unique waterfall experience we've ever had. When you enter Aling Aling you are actually gaining entry to four separate waterfalls. At the first three there are cliff jumps of 5, 10 and 15 meters and one slide of 12 meters. Because Aling Aling waterfall itself is considered to be sacred, there's no swimming allowed but the view is stunning nonetheless. Jumping off the top of a waterfall and landing in the gushing waters below was such a frightening but unforgettable experience and we highly recommend it to everyone!

How to get to Aling Aling Waterfall

Aling Aling waterfall is located 2 hours north of both Ubud and Canggu. If you want to break up the drive you can visit Pura Ulun Danu Beratan or the Handara Gates along the way. You can easily rent a scooter for $4 - $5 USD per day. If you'd rather avoid the scooter game, you can book a driver for around $60 USD for a full day and they can take you to any and all sites that you want to see in that time. We drove up on our scooter and spent a few nights up north so we could visit all the amazing waterfalls up there.

Cost of Aling Aling Waterfall

Basic Entry: 20k (if you just want to look around but don't want to jump)

Jumping and Sliding Tour: 125k (includes entry and a bottle of water)

The Waterfall Adrenaline Tour

After you've forked over your $9 USD for entry, your group is paired with a guide and you set off on a short walk to begin your journey. When you get to the falls, there are cubbies for your things and your guide takes your cameras to take photos for you.

The first stop is Kroya waterfall. There's an easy 5 meter jump off a platform just across from the falls. They even have a cute motivational sign here which reads "Never Try, Never Know. Test your adrenaline!" This is just the warm up.


After the 5 meter jump, you swim across to get to the top of Kroya waterfall. The waters of these falls have perfectly smoothed the surrounding rocks into a natural water slide. Laying on your back, arms crossed, you shoot down the 12 meter, almost vertical waterfall and get tumbled into the impact zone below. I'm making it sound scarier than it was, it was actually so much fun!

alex sliding

The third stop, Kembar waterfall, is a double waterfall where you jump 10 meters right into where their rumbling waters meet. It felt much scarier jumping 10 meters into a waterfall than jumping 10 meters into calm waters as we've done several times before.


The final stop is the biggest and scariest jump of them all. The cliff jump from Pucuk waterfall is a whopping 15 meters and you need to jump quite far to avoid the shrubs sticking out of the cliff.

If you've made it through these four jumps and slides alive, you end the tour with Aling Aling waterfall. The waterfall is around 35 meters high and has pristine blue waters. You get to admire the waterfall from a distance as your body recovers from all the adrenaline.